Welcome to Protecht

Protecht Solutions Pty Ltd is an Australian owned company committed to providing the ultimate solutions in barrier protection.

The extensive Protecht disposable glove range is gaining international recognition and operations are currently being expanded to include the USA, UK and Europe.

With our quality product range, experienced sales and technical support teams, large stock levels and efficient dispatch systems, we have the unique ability to become a successful disposable glove supplier to your organisations throughout Australia.

Our Production

The manufacturers of Protecht gloves have been carefully selected following our extensive product testing and evaluation of companies who comply with relevant international standards and certifications.

Our policy also involves regular monitoring and inspections by Protecht management of our production facilities and their testing and quality control procedures to the highest level of quality and consistency.

Protecht also engages an independent agent to inspect and test each shipment following production prior to dispatch. This ensures the correct AQL levels, tensile strength, thickness and colour.

Each production batch is individually numbered and recorded to monitor and ensure quality control.

The Protecht glove range meets and exceeds the Australian and New Zealand standards 4011:1197 and the following standards: